„Crypto Lab“ will be the new space designed to educate about Blockchain technology in Latin America

GoChain has joined in a strategic alliance with Lexi to develop a crypto lab focused on increasing the technological adoption of Blockchain in Colombian companies.

On November 25, GoChain Enterprise Solutions and Lexia, a legal advisory firm, signed a memorandum of understanding to launch Crypto Lab, a space designed to educate, raise awareness and accelerate the business adoption of Blockchain technology solutions in Latin America.

The information released by GoChain from Colombia, also points out that „Crypto Lab“ will allow accelerating the adoption at business level of digital transformation strategies and distributed accounting in the region mainly, but not limited to it.

The space will have the capacity to showcase to the business public in Bogota, a series of interactive modules and design sprints to explore and learn more about Blockchain and distributed accounting technologies.

Penn State University will host its own node for a business blockchain
According to official information, Crypto Lab should start operations in the first quarter of 2021 and has leaders in various industries ranging from banking, insurance, agriculture and even consumer products in its ranks.

For now, although the proposal is for the Colombian market, it is designed to be expanded to the rest of the countries in the Latin American region.

Commenting on the launch, GoChain CEO Henry Ines said, „We are proud to partner with Lexia to establish the new and inaugural Crypto Lab in Colombia. The launch is timely as companies and organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean are increasingly exploring and applying blockchain and other digital technologies. We see Lexia as an innovative and forward-looking firm that is deeply committed to catalyzing adoption and change.

Pronatura and Gochain join forces for a pilot Bitcoin Cycle in Blockchain technology
The program so far includes innovative applications based on Blockchain, such as GoChain’s flagship product called GoTrace, a blockchain-based system for the traceability and auditability of public records and transactions in the company’s native chain, which has had cases of successful use, such as the international shipment of lobster from Australia to China using Blockchain technology.

The opening of this laboratory in Colombia reaffirms the growth that the country has had in the development and implementation of Blockchain technology and distributed accounting solutions, being today, one of the reference markets in the whole Latin American region.

First international shipment of lobster was completed with Blockchain from Australia to China
GoChain has been very active in recent months, with some important partnerships in the Blockchain sector to increase the use of its platform, which have included partnerships with organisations such as Pronatura, to pursue sustainable marine conservation and fisheries, through a pilot project using the blockchain.

The project is part of a twelve-month pilot project in coordination with two cooperatives on the west coast of Baja California, covering the Improved Lobster and Sea Urchin Fishing projects in the region, respectively.

Last October, GoChain was able to get Penn State University to host its own node for a business Blockchain, to validate transactions in its public block chain that operates under the „PoR“ Reputation Test consensus mechanism.